Camping On Your Car: The New Mini Countryman


Camping is a favorite activity for many families, especially in the summertime. It is a chance to get away from the congestion of the city and enjoy nature, fresh air, outdoor activities, campfires and spend quality time with the family, but pitching a tent is not always easy and can take up a lot of time you would probably rather spend exploring your new surroundings. Finding the perfect spot for your ground tent is another potentially time-consuming, difficult matter. That is why a roof tent may be a great idea. You can pitch it wherever you wind up parking your vehicle.

Camping for recreation has been around for hundreds of years, and roof tents have been around for decades, since the early nineteen thirties. While the styles of roof tents have changed over time, the many benefits have always existed including protection from dangerous animals like bears, wolves, and coyotes, from insects and the elements, as well as having a better nighttime view of the stars and ventilation. Setting up and ‘taking down’ roof tents is a simple matter, there is more room in your vehicle to bring other equipment, and the roof tent mattresses are comfortable, feeling almost like you are at home.

If you own a Mini Countryman, you can feel pleased as punch because Autohome, an Italian company that specializes in the manufacturing of roof tents, has come up with a roof tent that perfectly fits on the top of your Mini Countryman. The tent is easy to operate as all you have to do is release the safety hooks, and the tent springs open in two stages within just a few seconds. It also closes with ease. When collapsed, the roof tent sits compactly on top of your vehicle, only thirty-three centimeters tall, and when open, its height is ninety-four centimeters.


The roof tent weighs fifty-eight kilograms (almost one hundred and twenty-eight pounds), and its dimensions are one hundred and thirty by two hundred and ten centimeters. It is intended for two people to sleep comfortably in. Autohome describes the tent as very sturdy. It is also temperature controlled (heat-resistant, stays cool, and is insulated), and sound and leak-proof (you won’t hear or feel any rain, and you can sing loudly without disturbing nearby animals too much). Its two doors and two windows are also rain-proof and covered by high-quality mosquito netting to help keep out the pesky insects and debris.

The Autohome roof tent comes with a high-density crush proof mattress and pillows as well as mattress and pillow covers, lighting, storage areas (a roof net and side pockets to store your personal belongings), and of course, an adjustable ladder with safety clamp and ladder cover. Autohome has a five-year warranty and is certified for its quality. The cost is 3.084,17 Euros and comes in black or white. Certainly, the price is not cheap, but perhaps the cost can be justified if you are an avid camper and plan to use the roof tent for many summers to come.