The Best American Muscle Cars

There are many debates to be had amongst car enthusiasts; from top imports to worst truck designs. However, one conversation which always sparks big discussion is American muscle cars. From the golden age of muscle cars in the seventies to recent models, there have been a plethora of icons in the best fifty years that have made America proud. Compiled is a list discussing some of the top American muscle cars ever built, all known for their aesthetics, speed, and power.

1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am


During the 1970s, automakers in the muscle car market were virtually forced to reduce horsepower and acknowledge the surge in gas costs. Pontiac decided to go against the grain with their 1978 Firebird Trans Am. Power for this beast was kicked up to 220 horsepower and had an updated suspension with wider wheels, which gave drivers the feel of a true American muscle car with all the perks. With T-tops as a relatively new concept for vehicles at the time, there was a lot of excitement about this powerful unit and popularity took off once media and movies began using the car as a prop. The only downside to this gem is gas consumption. However, performance cars are known for their lacking fuel efficiency, especially back in the 1970s.

The following is a product of the 70s that was a giant leap forward for Chevy.