50 American Sports Cars That Give Imports A Run For Their Money

Enough about the foreign cars already! Everyone knows that Ferrari, BMW, and Lamborghini will never go out of style. Sure, they have a lot of power, beauty, and precision. Despite a couple of not-so-great years, American cars have recently undergone a makeover, proving they can compete with the big dogs. Not to mention there is a host of American cars of the past that are worthy of some attention. Here are the top fifty American sports cars to be proud of.

Pontiac Firebird WS

NY Daily News

The Pontiac Firebird added a large snorkel-filled hood ornament to the 1998-2002 WS6 models. It also featured an upgraded engine with 325 horsepower. Available trims included white and blue with blue-tinted aluminum wheels. Changes in 2001 included an improved air cleaner for the engine that increased performance by five horsepower.