The Weirdest American Cars Ever Seen On The Road

To stand out from the pack in the automobile industry, many designers go to bold lengths to differentiate their vehicle from others on the market. Some of these cars become iconic cultural symbols of the era in which they were manufactured whereas others fall by the wayside and are somewhat forgotten. As demand for different types of cars has grown and changed throughout the last one hundred years, many manufacturers have attempted to create 'cross-over' automobiles, which combine features from different classes of vehicles. Some of the earliest versions of these cross-over vehicles can be seen in several cars on this list. Here are 27 of the weirdest American cars that have ever been produced.

Ford Ranchero (1977)


Ford produced these unique vehicles for a couple of decades, but the Ranchero was discontinued after this model was released. This type of vehicle is known as a coupe-utility or coupe-pickup, and its lack of popularity between the 1950s and 1970s is why they are not seen on the market today.