6 Of Weirdest Drift Cars You Will Ever See

Jaguar E-Type

Car Canyon

When people think of drifting, they usually envision a Japanese car that has cheaper parts and more interchangeability with its sister vehicles. European cars are not very popular in drifting because they contain expensive parts and can be quite rare. This Jaguar E-Type defies this trend. It contains a Japanese engine and a rear-end from a more commonplace BMW E39. The engine used in this beast of a Jaguar is known as a 1JZ and is manufactured by Toyota. It was previously featured in such vehicles as the Chaser, Cresta, and Soarer, all of which are popular and cheap rear-wheel drive Japanese drift cars. The instant recognition this Jaguar receives is the reason why it was restored and is now one of the weirdest and most unique drift cars on Earth.

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