6 Of Weirdest Drift Cars You Will Ever See

Drifting is a driving technique in which a driver intentionally loses traction (usually in the rear wheels) while oversteering around a corner. This lets the car seemingly 'slide' through corners while the driver maintains control by countersteering the vehicle. Drifting started in Japan in the 1970s when drivers raced illegally on mountain rounds. The drifting technique of cornering allowed these drivers to turn corners at much faster speeds, which was necessary for navigating the winding mountain roads. Drifting has been a competitive activity in Japan since the 1970s but did not spread to other parts of the world until 1996. Since the early 2000s, many countries have hosted lucrative drifting competitions. These competitions have fostered a distinct 'do-it-yourself' culture within the world of drifting, which has led drivers around the world to create some truly unique drifting vehicles. Check out the six weirdest drift cars of all time.

Ford Sierra Estate

Modified Rides

James Deane is an Irish motor sport competitor and is currently a five-time European Drift Champion (2008, 2011, 2014, 2015, and 2016), five-time Irish Drift Champion (2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2015) and even a Guinness World Record holder for the longest tandem drift (17.7 miles). His humble Ford Sierra Estate, a car many people associate with family trips or their grandmother's shopping trip to the mall, is what started his career in the sport of drifting. He barely modified it, except for adding a locked differential and hydraulic handbrake, making this car one of the weirdest almost-stock vehicles ever seen in the drifting community. James and his brother currently run Deane Motorsport, a successful company located in Ireland that modifies and tunes racing cars.