Awesome School Bus Renovations You Have To See To Believe!

A popular trend for auto enthusiasts who wish to mix customizing projects with a passion for traveling is a school bus renovation. Do it yourself, home conversion plans for school buses is the process of taking an old school bus, gutting it and renovating the remains into a tiny home. These projects are referred to as 'Skoolies' which are mainly a playful adaptation of RV's. Here is a list of tips for those looking to renovate their school bus into an awesome Skoolie.

Hardwood Or Carpet Floors


The first thing to accomplish with your Skoolie, once floored, is removing the seats. Removing the seats of a school bus is crucial to making the product, first of all legal, and second of all functional. After removing the seats, adding hardwood or carpeted floors to a Skoolie is another excellent way to bring out the home in a personalized vehicle. A popular strategy is laying plywood on the base which allows for a simple laying process, measurements, and cuts to fill the irregularly shaped areas (secured with wood screws and adhesives such as Loctite PL). Once secured, owners have the option of carpeting the surface of using area rugs for foot comfort. If you're going to carpet, it is essential to clean plywood first, and measure area correctly for accurate cuts, as well as considering the carpet maintenance post-installation.

Nate Chick