Groundbreaking Car Trends To Expect By 2025

With 2018 off to a thundering start, many auto-enthusiasts are looking to the future of the car industry with excitement. There is a lot of development taking place in this stimulating automotive market where companies are investing in new concepts and trends to improve products and strike a chord with consumers. Comprised is a list of common trends which will become commonplace before the year 2025.

Autonomous Vehicles (Self-Driving)


This one may come as no surprise, self-driving cars have been an auto industry promise for years now, but it seems that consumer products may be available soon. Large companies such as Google’s Waymo and automotive leaders such as Tesla, GM, and Ford are all working on producing self-driving cars which will make commuting more comfortable, efficient, and safer. There are various levels of autonomy in these models ranging from safety assistance which allows the driver to give the car control over one system, to fully autonomous driving which provides complete control for the vehicle and removes all human input.

Self-driving cars will be an unavoidable and futuristic car feature which will be discussed next.