Check Out Honda’s Strangest Concepts From The Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda T880

Honda's T880 may be the perfect retro minitruck for minitruck enthusiasts. The T880 has a smooth box-like appearance, and here it is painted a plain but eye-catching glossy beige color, which is reminiscent of kitchen appliances in the 1950’s. Its wheels appear dominated by the pickup’s body. The Honda T880 is part of Honda’s kei truck (or minitruck) series.

Honda’s kei trucks are smaller, practical trucks built for city driving, and intended for small cargo deliveries over short distances. Popular minitrucks in North America include Ford Ranger, Nissan pickups, Mitsubishi Triton, etc. In North America, mini-trucking is the popular hobby of modifying trucks to decrease their size. For example, a popular modification is to make adaptations that bring the truck as low to the ground as possible. Mini-trucking is a trend that began in the 1980’s and continues today.

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