Standout Cars from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Car shows are always a festival of crazy ideas and outlandish concepts. For Japanese car companies, the most significant platform to unveil those wild rides is the Tokyo Motor Show. The Tokyo Motor Show is always home to the craziest car concepts of the year. The 2017 Motor Show featured a number of zany concepts, as well as a few practical car developments which could be on the road in the very near future. Here is a slideshow of the standout cars and concepts from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Mitsubishi E-Volution


Car shows are a great place for a car manufacturer to put the past behind them. For Mitsubishi, the recent past has been nothing short of horrifying, with the company staggering from one scandal to another with revelations about shoddy safety standards and falsifying emission standards. Mitsubishi came to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show with a new corporate structure and a fresh new car: the electric concept “E-Volution.” While unlikely to become a production vehicle, the “EV” offered a bold approach to building a performance SUV. With three engines and all-wheel drive, it would be the performance, not the electricity, that would make the driver's hair stand up. This car indicates Mitsubishi is back to building exciting vehicles and not doing damage control on scandals.