Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Now that the last flurries of Winter are starting to fade and the average temperature is climbing into the positives again, it's just about time to do some spring cleaning on your car. We'll walk you through the things you need to know before your vehicle can properly enjoy the warm weather. There's nothing more disappointing than the sun not shining off your dirty car while you cruise down the highway, or a sudden blow out at the beginning of the season because your tires weren't in as good condition as you thought. So, let's get to it so we can all go and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Wash Your Car


Vehicles get ravaged in the winter by the near-constant onslaught of snow, slush, water, and salt, which cake the underside of the car and cause corrosion. To keep the red rust monster from taking bites out of your ride, give the entire exterior a good hose down with soap and water. If possible, use a pressure washer to help dig those oxidizers from the nooks and crannies of your car and keep it running longer. Remember to wash from the top down, so your car comes out sparkling clean. Regular cleaning of the undercarriage, wheels and exposed parts under the vehicle are essential to keeping your baby on the road year after year.

But it isn’t just the exterior you need to clean, as our next slide will show.