How To Wash and Wax A Car Using NO Water

Many cities have implemented water restrictions because of the extreme heat waves. Or you may be living in accommodations that make it difficult to wash your car at home. Even if restrictions are not in place, or you have your own large driveway space, it is a good idea to use less water in general. If you have been regularly driving your vehicle, it likely needs to be washed, so there are a number of tricks to cleaning it without the use of water.

10. What You Need

A microfiber towel and a waterless vehicle cleanser are two essential items to get the job done quick and easily. Start by working in a small section of the car before moving on to the next. It is a good idea to begin at the top and work your way down. Spray a generous amount of cleanser on the surface and rub it with the towel in one direction. Depending how dirty the car is, you may need more than one towel. When complete, use a clean cloth to buff off the entire car.