Fun Sports Cars For Under $30k

June 18, 2023

Sports cars are the most fun you can have on the road. However, many of these performance vehicles can cost much more than the average sale price of a new car. However, there are a handful of sports cars that can be yours for under thirty thousand dollars. These low-cost performers offer many of the great thrills from high-end sports cars for a fraction of the price. Some of these vehicles can offer you some drop-top fun, while others can be almost practical with seating for four and a full sized trunk. Below are five of the best sports cars that you can call your own for under thirty thousand dollars.

FIAT 124 Spider

The FIAT 124 Spider could be considered the Mazda Miata's sexier Italian counterpart, as they are both built on the same platform. The 124 Spider, however, offers a unique style that actually makes the roadster look more expensive than its sticker price would suggest. The 124 Spider is powered by a 1.4-liter turbo engine that produces 164 horsepower. The 124 Spider can propel itself from zero to sixty miles an hour in a respectable 6.3 seconds. Available as a manual or an automatic, the FIAT 124 Spider is one of the best bargains in the group with a starting price of around 25,200 dollars. Well equipped, you can still keep the sexy Italian roadster at under thirty grand.

Dodge Challenger

Those looking for a pure muscle car can look no further than the Dodge Challenger. With a style that evokes the golden era of muscle car performance, the Challenger is the manliest sports car in the group. Powered by a 305 horsepower Pentastar® V-6 engine, the Challenger is an excellent muscle car bargain. The challenger is also well equipped with a standard Uconnect® 4 includes a 7-Inch Touchscreen, Android Auto™, Apple CarPlay® Support, integrated Uconnect Voice Command, Bluetooth® Streaming Audio, and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio. Overall, the Dodge Challenger is the 'bang for your buck' beast of the group.

Ford Mustang

The classic pony car is guaranteed to make anyone feel sixteen again. The entry-level 2018 Mustang Fastback model has a starting price of just over 25,600 dollars while maintaining the style that has made the Ford Mustang an American icon. Powered by a 2.3 liter Ecoboost engine, this powertrain can generate an incredible 310 horsepower while also delivering a respectable twenty-one miles per gallon city and thirty-one miles per gallon highway. Additionally, the Mustang offers enough rear-seat room to make this affordable sports car one of the practical choices in the bunch. Put it all together, and the Ford Mustang is the sports car you can live with during the week and tear up and down the roads on the weekend.

Chevy Camaro

Do you feel the need for speed? Then look no further than the Chevy Camaro. This sports car classic is the stoplight racer that won't bust your bank account. Powered by a 2.0-liter Turbo SIDI engine that generated 275 horsepower, the entry level 1LS model can go from zero to sixty miles per hour in an incredible 5.4 seconds, which makes the Camaro the speed bargain of this group. The interior of the Camaro is clean with big analog gauges and a driver's focused center stack. The Chevy Camaro, which is available with a manual or an automatic transmission, is a bargain sports car that isn't afraid to mix it up with performance vehicles twice its price.

Subaru WRX

Some sports cars don't like to play by the rules, and the Subaru WRX certainly lives by this definition. It has a big hood scoop, a bigger spoiler, and the biggest attitude of the bunch. Oh, and did we mention the standard all-wheel drive? This car isn't afraid to mix it up in the snow. And to top things off, this is a sports car with four doors. Yeah, you could say the WRX does things its own way, but don't think this Japanese racer can't handle itself down on the track. Powered by a 2.0-liter H-4 engine that produces 268 horsepower, the WRX can go from zero to sixty in 6.2 seconds. When you need a four-door that can race in all-weather, look no further than the Subaru WRX.