Infamous Getaway Cars And Planes That We Will Never Forget

May 17, 2022

Escaping the scene of a crime requires a proper getaway vehicle. A vehicle that is preferably fast, able to blend in and completely reliable. How criminals make their choice of a getaway vehicle is determined by the options presented to them. Sometimes they will try to expand their options by stealing their ideal getaway vehicle, or sometimes they will have one completely customized for the job. Whatever the reason for driving a particular getaway vehicle, the following list describes actual getaway vehicles and their real-life stories.

Jaguar Mk II

The popularity of the Jaguar MK II among criminals transferred over to the silver screen. In the 1960’s, British law enforcement had to chase down many of these vehicles as they were popular among criminals. This choice of a getaway vehicle made its way to movie theatres as the bad guys went upscale.

1910 Delaunay-Belleville

The very first official getaway vehicle on record was the 1910 Delaunay-Belleville. It was used by the Bonnot Gang, a group of French anarchists, likely after committing a robbery.

1966 Dodge Polara

Rubin Carter, a professional middle weight boxer, was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent almost twenty years in prison. The getaway vehicle was purported to be very similar to his 1966 Dodge Polara.

M60 Patton Tank

Shawn Nelson was a U.S. Army veteran and was unemployed when he stole an M60 Patton Tank and went on a rampage with it, destroying everything in its path. He was eventually shot and killed by police. Not exactly a vehicle that blends into the traffic.

Cessna 400 Corvallis

Along with cars, boats, other planes and bicycles, Colton Harris-Moore used the Cessna 400 Corvallis to elude authorities. Authorities believe he had learned how to fly one through books, instruction manuals, a how-to DVD and computer games.

Boeing 727

The highjacker demanded a large ransom and then escaped in a parachute

D.B. Cooper hijacked the Boeing 727 and ransomed thirty-six passengers for $200,000 and four parachutes, on November 24, 1971. He used the parachutes to escape and was never identified or located.

1930 Ford Model A

The vehicle was also used in the movie about Dillinger, Public Enemies.John Dillinger, a gangster during the Depression-era in the U.S., used the vehicle to evade police. He even busted out a window to shoot at the pursuing police with a machine gun.

1994 Ford Bronco

The vehicle was discontinued after it was made famous by O.J. Simpson. Simpson attempted to elude police in a 1994 Ford Bronco after the bodies of his wife and her friend were discovered. Two years later, the Bronco was discontinued.

1930 Cadillac 452 V16 Armored Imperial Sedan

Al Capone customized his vehicles to assist him in wreaking havoc and evading capture. Al Capone customized his vehicles with armor, bulletproof glass, ports for machine guns and special panels to leak oil, tacks and other objects onto the road. Makes you think Capone was worried about getting shot.

1934 Ford Fordor Deluxe Sedan

This famous couple fled in this vehicle and nearly got away. Bonnie and Clyde stole the vehicle in 1934 and traveled twenty-five hundred miles leaving a path of destruction along the way before they were eventually killed by Louisiana police on May 23, 1934.