Immortal? Or Lucky? Unbelievable Car Crashes People Walked Away From

May 11, 2022

Some drivers have all the luck, while others well... don't. These unbelievable car crashes are so severe that emergency crews and witnesses have no idea how anyone survived. In fact, most of the victims in the following crashes reportedly walked away with non-life threatening injuries. The causes of these crashes vary from drinking, falling asleep at the wheel, to torrential rains and even a drag racing incident that caused a car to collide with a truck around one hundred miles per hour! Indeed, these survivors are lucky to have their lives.

Tesla Model S Destroyed In Germany

In Pullach, Germany, an eighteen-year-old woman was reportedly driving recklessly when she lost control of her father’s Telsa Model S. The car flew eighty-two feet in the air and rolled at least once after crashing in a field. All five passengers of the vehicle were able to exit the car without the help of emergency responders. They sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries. Pictures of the crash show a destroyed front end with the cabin intact.

Rollover Crash Victim Credits Seat Belt For Saving His Life

A South Dakota man was driving home from work in a 2000 Ford Ranger when he changed lanes and did not see another car that came up from behind pulling into the lane he was trying to enter. He avoided hitting the other vehicle by swerving and instead crashed into a nearby road sign. The man was knocked unconscious from the collision, and it was presumed he would pass away once he awoke. Although his truck was destroyed, the man survived with minor injuries and thanks his seat belt for saving his life.

An Oxford Woman Survives A Head-On Collision During Rush Hour

A thirty-one-year-old woman was driving into work during rush hour traffic when she collided with a van and another vehicle on a dangerous road in Oxford, England. Firefighters had to cut the roof of the vehicle open to get the woman out, but despite the horrific shape of the car the woman only suffered a few fractured ribs and some bruising. The woman commented, “It was literally a head-on collision. I crashed into the bushes, and the back of my car was crushed with me in the middle.”

Idaho Man Survives Drunk Driving Crash

A twenty-three-year-old Idaho man suffered a single car crash just south of Blackfoot on Interstate 15 while traveling northbound in his Ford Fusion. He struck the guardrail when his car went off the left shoulder and continued onto the median, where it turned over. The car became caught on the median when part of the guardrail went through the floor and stuck into the driver’s seat. Police say the man was driving under the influence of alcohol and is lucky to be alive.

Man In Mazda 3 Survives Horrendous Crash Into Ditch

A forty-two-year-old man living in the United Kingdom was driving into work when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a ditch approximately twenty feet away. The man stated that his car flipped so many times he was unable to keep count. The car landed in the water with the driver’s side pinned down, so he was unable to open the door to get out. He walked away from the scene of the accident with not so much as a scratch.

Man Thrown From Car In New Zealand Survives After Drinking And Driving

Two men located in South Canterbury, New Zealand, were returning home after a long-term rugby match in which drinks were served when they unwittingly crashed their two four-wheel drive vehicles off a rural road. After losing control, the two vehicles rolled down a steep bank where they landed approximately thirty meters from the road. One of the drivers was taken to hospital after being thrown from his vehicle. Reports stated that beer bottles were scattered all over the crash site.

New Jersey Woman Survives Pinball Car Accident

A New Jersey woman was lucky to be alive after she was involved in a pinball car accident located near Newport along Interstate 95. According to a witness, the woman was struck in the rear by a truck, which subsequently caused her vehicle to spin around. She was then hit by a second car that pinballed her into another truck. The woman in the second car exited the vehicle and was taken to the hospital for examination. She sustained injuries but is alive today.

Two Young Children Kept Alive During Crash By Their Car Seats

Two young boys - a twenty-month-old and a six-week-old - were involved in a severe car accident on Easter Sunday. The incident occurred on Bruce Highway in Queens Island, New York. The boys, along with their parents - a twenty-three-year-old woman and a twenty-four-year-old man - all survived the collision but not without injury. Their mother suffered trauma to her face and had to be air-lifted to the hospital while their father and the twenty-month-old boy were both taken to the hospital where they suffered minor injuries.

Pipes Smash Through Driver’s Window, And He Survives

A man in Arizona is lucky to be alive after he was involved in a car accident that caused large metal pipes to penetrate the driver’s side window of his vehicle, into his seat. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the man suffered from non-life threatening injuries. The cause of the crash was unknown. However, a television news helicopter pilot referred to the accident as the “Miracle on Interstate 17” after seeing the crash from overhead.

Man Escapes Crash Into The Back Of A Tractor

A man in Santa Maria, California crashed his older model Honda Civic into the back of a tractor after the truck that was traveling in front of him turned right into a driveway, and he did not see it. The man said that the truck, along with the glare of the sun, prevented him from seeing the tractor before driving right into the back of it. The tractor’s large plow tore off the vehicle’s roof and hood, but the driver walked away with only scratches on his hand.

Motorist Survives After Tree Falls On His Car With Him Inside

A Georgia man is lucky to have his life after a tree fell on his vehicle while he was inside. The tree - which was estimated to be between twenty and thirty diameters thick - fell completely across the front of the man’s car. When firefighters arrived, the car was still running, and the driver’s foot was on the gas. They had to use the Jaws of Life to get the driver out. Although the car was totaled, the man survived the incident.

Car Landed On Its Nose, But Two Men Inside Survive

Two Mississippi men were involved in a serious accident that left the car they were in on its nose. The men told news reporters they lost control on Highway 473 in Terry before ending up in a vertical position on the side of the road. They were trapped inside the vehicle for an unknown amount of time before emergency crews got to them, but they did not sustain any major injuries. One witness described the accident, saying it looked like a bolt of lightning accompanied by a big boom.

Woman Survived After Pieces Of Overpass Fell On Her Car

An Indianapolis woman sustained only minor injuries after pieces of a damaged overpass fell onto her car. The bridge had been damaged when a semi truck that was hauling a car compactor hit it, causing pieces to crash through the woman's windshield and puncture holes in the hood of her vehicle. A total of six vehicles were damaged from the falling debris. The woman whose vehicle is pictured was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Two Men Buried Under Truck Full Of Cabbage Are Lucky To Be Alive

Two South Carolina men are lucky to be alive after an eighteen-wheeler truck carrying cabbage struck a bridge on Interstate 95 and went down an embankment before crashing into the median. The truck reportedly struck several trees before coming to a stop in a swamp. The trailer flung a mountain of cabbage from the vehicle, and two men were buried underneath. They were both taken to Colleton Medical Center where they were treated for minor injuries.

Man Survives After Crashing His Car Through Lamppost

A man in Kingswinford, United Kingdom is alive after crashing his Subaru through a lamppost and into a nearby tree. When emergency units arrived at the scene, they stated that the car was completely crumbled and overturned, but the man inside was still breathing. He was freed from the vehicle within thirty minutes and was taken to a hospital where he was admitted to critical care with chest and back pain. Authorities believed another vehicle was involved in the incident.

Washington Man Survives Car Accident That Sets His Car On Fire

A forty-one-year-old Washington man survived a car accident that caused his car to burst into flames. The man - who was driving a Holden station wagon - was fatigued at the wheel, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and veer off the road. The car then rolled several times before bursting into flames. The man was taken to a hospital to treat his minor injuries, but his car was totally incinerated, according to police.

Two Lucky Teenagers Survive Crash That Leaves Car On Its Roof

Two teenagers in Westby, Wisconsin were involved in a single-car accident when they lost control of their vehicle while taking a curve. The car crossed the center of the road and traveled down a steep embankment where it struck several trees and eventually came to a stop on its roof around one-hundred and fifty feet down. Luckily, the two teenagers were both wearing their seatbelts and their airbags deployed upon impact. It took authorities three hours to get the vehicle off the embankment.

Australian Man With Totalled Car Survives Accident After Rolling Eight Times

A twenty-three-year-old Australian man survived a car crash after his BMW rolled eight times. The single vehicle car accident occurred twelve meters outside of Bathurst on the Mid Western Highway in the late morning hours. Police said the driver was heading toward Blayney when he lost control and slid down an embankment three kilometers west of Evans Plains Road. The car was totalled, but the man survived with head and pelvic injuries.

Two Men Survive High-Speed Collision With A Truck

Two men in the United Kingdom survived a high-speed collision with an oncoming truck that was so powerful that the car’s engine was launched into a nearby field. The driver of the truck reportedly swerved to avoid hitting the two men in the car head on. It is believed that another vehicle was racing the two men who were involved in the crash, but they got away. A witness stated the drivers were traveling between eighty and one hundred miles per hour.

Vancouver Woman Survives Crash That Ripped Her Car In Half

A woman in Vancouver survived a car crash that caused her car to be torn in half. The accident occurred around midnight, with no other vehicles involved. Police stated that the driver lost control during heavy rain and hit a pole on South West Marine Drive near Columbia. The car was destroyed, but the woman suffered minor injuries. Photos of the car show the entire driver’s side had been ripped from the rest of the vehicle.

Teenager Driver Survives Crash After Being Cut From Car

An eighteen-year-old teen boy lost control of his silver Renault hatchback near Aylsham in the United Kingdom. He was reportedly coming home from visiting his girlfriend in the pouring rain when the incident occurred. It took fireman ninety minutes to cut him from the vehicle after the car slid off the road and landed nose first in the thick woodland surrounding the area. The teenager spent nine days in the hospital with several broken bones but sustained no life-threatening injuries.

Four Teenagers Survive High-Speed Car Collision In Australia

An unlicensed sixteen-year-old boy nearly killed himself and three of his friends when he crashed his grandmother’s Peugeot sedan into a wooden pole, hit a brick wall, and then ended up in a residential yard. Several power lines were knocked down due to the crash. All four occupants of the vehicle were treated at Westmead Hospital for minor injuries, but no life-threatening injuries were reported. The teenager behind the wheel was scheduled to take his learner’s driver exam the following week.

Teenager Survives Crash After Falling Asleep At The Wheel

A nineteen-year-old woman survived after falling asleep at the wheel and crashing her car into a tree. Two passengers stopped to help the woman who was trapped inside of her vehicle, when it caught fire with the woman still inside. The fire ran up the tree and across the road before she was finally pulled from the car. The woman sustained serious injuries including a separated pelvis but was expected to make a full recovery.

Four Children Survive After Leading Police On High-Speed Chase

Four Australian children led police on a high-speed chase, reaching speeds of up to one hundred and forty kilometers per hour. Officers stopped chasing the car after realizing that a child was behind the wheel. After the pursuit, the vehicle crashed into a brick wall. There were four children in the car between the ages of eleven and fourteen years old, and luckily no injuries were reported. All four children were charged with theft, and the fourteen-year-old was accused of additional offenses.

Toddler Narrowly Misses Death After Man Drove Car Through Mall

A forty-seven-year-old man tried to escape being pulled over by the police by driving his car through a mall in Melbourne, Australia. The man eventually exited the car and took off on foot, but not before plowing through tables and chairs with pedestrians sitting at them. He also flattened a stroller that had a toddler in it just moments before it was run over. Police say that had the toddler not been taken out, he or she would have been killed.