Best Superbowl Car Commercials Of All Time

Every year, when the Super Bowl takes place, Americans rejoice as they can crowd around the televisions with family and friends and watch some of the best football available. With ups and downs in Super Bowl history, every year is a new competition with amazing athletics and historical turnarounds. Regardless of the sporting outcome, there is always one tradition which is bound to satisfy audiences everywhere; the commercials. Companies pay millions to advertise to viewers, and each year the videos get better; with 2018 hosting Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota, compiled is a collection of the best  Super Bowl Car Commercials ever made.

Heart-Throb Audi: Daughter

This commercial is incredible, it really is. Last year during the 2017 Super Bowl, Audi made a statement about women equality, as well as equality in the workplace. Set at a box-car race start line, the commercial follows a girl competing against boys in a race down the hill. During the race, the father is wondering whether or not his daughter will grow up in a world where men are still valued more than women, especially in the workplace. After the impressive performance and an ultimate win, the father and daughter walk back to their stunning Audi S5 with the father commenting “Maybe I’ll be able to tell her something different.” Media took to this add with haste, as the content went viral instantly and started a massive push for equality in the workplace and as a result, earned Audi colossal attention for weeks. Up next is a Honda classic commercial which is known for it's incredible Queen rendition.

A Hilarious Honda Ad: New Truck To Love

In 2016, during the Superbowl L in Santa Clara, California, Honda released a hysterical commercial to advertise their New Ridgeline model for the year. Comically making a play on the new vehicle’s truck bed stereo system, by showing a herd of sheep belting out a sheepish version of Queen’s “Somebody to love.” As a creative and fun way to release a product during the Superbowl, audiences appreciated the bellwether’s on-point tenor note as an ending to the corky song. Honda Ridgeline’s new system provides a significantly improved audio experience for the truck which made for an instant classic, albeit odd Super Bowl car commercial for the ages. Following is a comedic masterpiece starring Kevin Hart.

A Clever Comedy Hyundai: First Date

Again, in 2016 at Super Bowl L, Hyundai aired a slapstick commercial that starred famous comedy personality, Kevin Hart. With a genius approach incorporating his daughters first date with a special someone, the commercial demonstrates the connective power of the Hyundai Car Finder technology. The car finder allows owners to track their vehicle’s whereabouts, a valuable tool for car precautions. The car finder ended up being a hysterical platform for Hart to follow his daughter and her date around the city, embodying the stereotypical role of an overprotective father. Popular with audiences, the new tech commercial proved to be a valuable medium of reaching car enthusiasts with an advanced product using a funny approach. Upcoming is an action-packed advertisement for Audi.

Action-Packed Audi Clip: A6 Car Chase

Back in 2009 during the Super Bowl XLIII, Audi featured a commercial with famous action movie star, Jason Statham. In his typical role as an intense and bad-to-the-bone character, Statham is seen in various scenes, escaping bad-guys and performing cool stunts. However, with each escape car he gets into, there is a performance problem; poking fun at BMW, Mercedes and even Lexus, the stunt-devil struggles time and time again finding a good quality ride, until he comes across an Audi A6 and can escape in style finally. Not the highest quality video ever, nor was it very well written, but for the subtle shots at market competitors, it deserves a spot on the list of greats. Hyundai struck gold with this next heart-throb of a commercial.

Hyundai's Admirable: A Better Super Bowl

Hyundai had a phenomenal commercial at the 2017 Superbowl in Houston, Texas. With ongoing war and strife overseas for the American Military, Hyundai decided to bring the Superbowl experience to those brave men and women fighting for peace and their country. Various soldiers were brought to virtual reality (VR) room with a live stream of the game, but with one catch, their families were sitting beside them via VR live stream. Respect and praise went out to Hyundai for stripping the Superbowl down to what it is really all about. Not to mention that the entirety of the video does not show a single Hyundai product, maintaining a modest, feel-good approach to Superbowl Ads. With environmental concerns, Audi made a tremendous green-initiative commercial spinoff, coming up next.

Slapstick Audi: Green Police

Back in 2010, auto companies were receiving heavy pressure from government and consumers to produce green options for vehicles to improve the quality of environmental efficiency and reduce carbon footprints. With this in mind, Audi used a 2010 Super Bowl commercial as a perfect opportunity to release their A3 TDI model, a green-friendly unit which maintained a fresh look. Entertaining to watch, the ad depicted a “special unit” of police which makes absurd arrests and toss around a plentiful of infractions to citizens for tiny environmental no-nos. A playful, but to the point advertisement which eases the audiences with humor and leaves them with a lasting impression of ecological accountability. Next is a company you wouldn't expect to be on this list, but has one of the greatest auto legends of all time.

Shocking Budweiser Clip: Paul Newman Tribute

Believe it or not, a beer company is actually on the list of top Super Bowl Car Commercials. Back in 1980 at Super Bowl XIV in Pasadena, California, Budweiser released a commercial concerning the accomplished auto career of Porsche 935, Daytona, and Baja 1000. As an advertisement, Budweiser placed a “this Bud’s for you” line at the end but is still very much so a quality acknowledgment of the impeccable achievements and influence that the famed actor/race car driver contributed to the industry. Enough so to make any auto enthusiast shed a subtle tear of joy. Next, is a commercial which forced its way into consumer's hearts.

Volkswagen's Ingenious: The Force

For the Super Bowl XLV, located in Arlington Texas, Volkswagen took the cake with an iconic Super Bowl commercial which played on the heartstring of Star Wars fans everywhere. The ad takes place in a suburban home with a young boy, dressed as Darth Vader, is attempting to use the force all over the house. With no particular powers coming to light, the boy throws one last hail mary as he tries to turn on his dad’s new VW Passat. Cunningly, the dad uses his new Volkswagen car remote starter technology to turn on the vehicle, ultimately fulfilling the boy’s dreams and providing a genuine laugh to audiences everywhere. This advertisement has been seen as a game changer for ads anywhere and is sure to make a list of top Super Bowl Car Commercials of all time. Ford went the distance with this next commercial.

Ford Went The Distance With: Go Further

Last year for the Super Bowl LI, Ford revealed an advertisement that both made viewers anxious and presented Ford’s new “Go Further” campaign, where audience members could see the progress that Ford is looking to make in the next few years. Cleverly, the commercial shows various people, old and young, in sticky situations which are both comedic, and also happen on a daily basis. Ultimately, after an excruciating few seconds of footage, the ad shows Ford products coming to the rescue and solving customer’s problem. However, the commercial also throws in encouragement for customers to go further in life whether that be in everyday activities or as a guideline for lifestyle. Mercedes made a daring attempt at an American gem, next up is the success they clutched.

Mercedes Bold: Easy Driver

Mercedes made a bold move last year in the Super Bowl LI advertisement by playing an adaptation of favorite American film, “Easy Rider.” However, the commercial correctly uses the context of a robust and rowdy dive-bar to humorously combine the German company with western American culture in a great clip. Peter Fonda is cameoed as the slick driver who pulls away in Mercedes stunning AMG GT C Roadster, leaving the burly bikers in awe of the beautiful ride. Such a clip proved to be a great way to entertain the audience while presenting a great product in a flashy way.