The Weirdest Car Upgrades You Will Ever See

When money is no object, sometimes there are endless upgrade options that car companies offer that make us regular folk, "Think why in the world would you need that?" Nonetheless, if you're willing to fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an LED roof or warm massage while driving, more power to you. Some of these upgrades can be tempting while some don't even sound like a good idea.

Check out the weird car options that made it down the production line.

Magic Body Control - Mercedez Benz

It's not what it sounds like. This upgrade can't control your body or any of your passengers' bodies for that matter. The Magic Body Control is a road scanning system that Mercedes describes is like 'riding on a flying carpet.' The innovative option was first introduced in the S-Class, making it the world's first car to be capable of detecting road surfaces in advance. The scanner can detect things like unevenness on the road through a stereo camera in the windshield; then the Magic Body Control option kicks in to set up the active suspension for a more a comfortable ride.

In the next slide, there's an option that could have you confuse your child or pet for an intruder.

Intruder Heartbeat Sensor - Volvo

Update: Volvo has since dropped this option but we are still going to add it to this list.

With all the technology available for joggers and runners for measuring pulse rates and calories, a heartbeat sensor is quite a normal thing. But why would you want one in your car? Volvo said the technology would allow drivers to detect a heartbeat in their vehicle just by holding the keys. While the option could come in handy to discover a murderer in your car, there are chances of false alarms as well. Volvo dropped the PCC (Personal Car Communicator) shortly after it was introduced.

Up next, we have an option that will light up your world and empty out your bank account.

The Starlight Headliner- Rolls Royce

If you're running out of glow-in-the-dark star ceiling stickers and have an extra $12,350 lying around, this upgrade is for you. You're also going to need a Rolls Royce. The bespoke feature offered by the British luxury brand provides drivers an upgrade of a fiber optic constellation headliner that is unique to the owner. The stellar option takes about nine hours to make a personalized pattern and seventeen hours to complete. If you've got the funds for a Rolls, then the headliner price should be like pocket change. While it's cool and would make a great conversation starter or impressing a date, it's a little outlandish.

In the next slide, we have an option that isn't what you imagine.

Gentleman Function- BMW

An odd name for an upgrade, and it's not what you think it is. It begs the question why BMW engineers couldn't think of a better name or something that is not gender-specific. This option is a switch on the driver's side that enables adjustment to the passenger seat. The feature got quite the attention and not for its function. It was probably due to its chauvinistic name and the fact that a fair number of BMW's female drivers were left out of the equation. 'Passenger' seat control would have been a little more for the gimmicky option.

Up next, is a package available with what is known as the world's ugliest car.

Camping Pack - Pontiac Aztek

With so many questionable cars over the years, Pontiac's Aztek was never at the top of anyone's list. For an added $195, customers had the option of getting The Camping Package that wasn't much of a selling point at all. The package included a tent that was ill-fitted over the Aztek's rear and an inflatable air mattress as well. The tent didn't offer much extra space at all, maybe just a few extra inches. What was meant to be the ultimate party and adventure vehicle fell flat, and the Camping Package didn't help.

In the next slide, we have an option that may fare well if you've got a cat along for the ride.

Round Shag Patch - Nissan Cube


Upgrades and options continue to become more innovative and unique, moving along with customer tastes. The Nissan Cube isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it has its following. There's one option that stands out for the Cube, and it's quite the conversation piece. It's a small round piece of shag carpet placed on the dash. There's no real reason why it's there, but Cube buyers have seemed to find a use for it. The design element could effectively function as a stress reliever, allowing drivers to brush the carpet or even taking it off and giving it over to your pets who might get some use out of it.

The next upgrade option will come in handy if you've got a thing for cologne.

Perfume Dispenser - Fiat 500


This one may just be the weirdest, yet handy? Everyone knows Italians love their strong smells, so it seems fitting this would be an option in a vehicle iconic to the country. The Fiat 500 will have you smelling fresh and clean with a simple use of the perfume/cologne dispenser that sits in the cup holder. The vehicle also offers options for a coffee maker and makeup holder as well. So you could roll out of bed and get ready for work in the car, and you won't be missing that morning brew either.

In the final slide, we have an upgrade that is a "hallmark" feature of the luxury vehicle.

Umbrella - Rolls Royce

If the Rolls Royce star spangled headliner didn't make you feel poor enough, wait, there's more. The luxury umbrellas slot right into the doors of the vehicle and the company takes great pride in the feature, so much that they dedicate a full room to eight variations of the umbrella. The Phantom and Ghost models come with a built-in umbrella, keep in mind the vehicles cost about $500,000. If your Rolls comes without one, the "beautifully engineered" rain shields are about $700 a pop. If you're driving around in one of these luxe vehicles, you don't want to be caught with a $10 Walmart umbrella.

These upgrades may sound weird, but it hasn't stopped people from forking over the dough. Car companies are continuously coming up with new ways to entice customers while leaving others to wonder what on earth they were thinking.