Car Washing Dos and Don’ts

April 5, 2022

Giving the car a good wash is one of the most satisfying things to do on a Sunday afternoon, or anytime really. It is especially recommended after a long hard winter when salt and snow accumulates on the paint, in cracks, and under floor mats. Although it might seem like an easy task, there are many ways to can actually cause damage to the exterior or leave streaks on a vehicle when washing it. Follow these tips to get the best spot-free shine possible.

Scratching The Paint

To avoid scratching the paint on the car while washing it, wear soft clothing that does not have any metal zippers or snaps hanging from it. Do not forget to take any jewelry off before starting as this could easily scratch the paint and even ruin the jewelry. Take off rings, necklaces, watches, belts, and anything that hangs down or could rub up against the car. There is plenty of time to look good after the car is clean.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo can be used to wash a car if done correctly. Use a diluted blend to take bird droppings off the car as soon as possible even if there is not enough time to wash the rest of the car right away. Baby shampoo is gentle and breaks up the bird poop efficiently. It can be easily wiped away without chipping the paint. Be sure not to let the shampoo stay on too long or be exposed to too much sunlight, which may cause the paint color to fade.

Read Directions Carefully

Cleaning The Rims

Apply rim cleaner to the tires before washing the rest of the car. This will allow the product time to work. Be sure to read the directions and use a gentle mist to apply it. Avoid a hard spray. Let the product sit while the rest of the car is washed. Try not to spray off the rim shine while rinsing the rest of the vehicle. Washing a car first and then doing the rims often means double cleaning as the dirt from the car will run downto the wheels.

Control The Water Spray

Towel Drying Technique

Electric Car Dryers

Outthink Water Traps

Water is easily trapped in cracks and crevices of the car when it is washed. Make sure to open the vehicle’s hood, trunk, and doors when drying it. Towel dry or blow dry these parts to avoid water from leaking while driving, which causes streaks. Wipe individual slats of the grille as well. It may help to stick a small towel in the side door pocket to wipe up water before it has the chance to leave streaks after the car is washed. Rolling down the windows and wiping the outside edges clean is also a good idea.

Clean The Interior

Check Under The Floor Mats