The Top 10 Turbocharged Cars You Can Buy For Under $35,000

A turbocharged vehicle is a car with a turbine attached to the engine. The turbine harnesses gasses from the engine to force more air into the combustion chamber of the vehicle, allowing the engine to burn more fuel and create more power. The advantages of having a turbocharged engine include being able to produce more power with less capacity and fewer cylinders, having better fuel economy, and having extra power under the hood than naturally aspirated vehicles. Check out the 10 best turbocharged vehicles that cost less than $35,000 to own.

Nissan Juke

The Juke has been manufactured since 2011 and has exceeded sales expectations during every year of production. This unique crossover is, perhaps, best known for its appearance, although the vehicle is an impressive package overall. The 2.6-litre turbocharged engine in the Juke manages to produce 188 horsepower as a standard vehicle, but many highly modified versions produce a lot more power. A safe vehicle, the Juke has received various industry awards throughout its production history. Its design was considered to be unique when the Juke made its debut in 2011. Since then, many other manufacturers have tried to copy some of the features that make this car stand out.