The 15 Best Car Movies On Netflix

Netflix rarely streams any of the most recently released top-rated car movies or even the not-so-great ones that everyone still wants to see anyway, like the Fast and the Furious series. The following 15 choices provide a good list of some classics, especially since most viewers have never seen these before and can actually enjoy a new movie. Pick from the ones that show little more than fast cars racing or opt for one that plays alongside a romantic plot for the perfect date night film.


Rocksteady is a 2010 comedy about a group of mostly white, stock car, dirt track racers in upstate New York. One young man in particular thinks racing is his way to a better life, despite his racial difference. It is a unique sort of car movie that features characters with a lot of heart. It also has some neat cars and upbeat reggae music. The film was directed by Mustapha Khan and stars Cedric Sanders, Natalie Knepp, and Johnny Orsini.