Inside Pablo Escobar’s Exclusive Car Collection 20 Years Later!!

Pablo Escobar will go down in history as one of the most notorious drug lords of all time. What you probably don’t know about him is that in his prime he was an avid lover and collector of classic cars and other transportation vehicles. His beloved collection matched the taste of a man who escaped the slums of Medellin and went on to become the wealthiest criminals to walk the Earth.

Eccentric With Expensive Taste

Daily Mail

Since his death in 1993, his beloved collection now sits decaying at his luxurious Hacienda Napoles ranch, used only to appease tourists. As equally interested in Mercedes 300SL roadsters as he was in old Renault 4L’s, Pablo Escobar was an eccentric automobile collector with very expensive taste. With his Mercedes 300SL estimated at a hefty $500,000, it’s a good thing that Escobar had the wealth to support his habit – an estimated $9 billion. At the height of his success as the leader of the Medellin cartel, he was ranked as the ninth richest man in the world, giving him the ability to live the life of an international playboy billionaire.