Automotive Brands Most Likely To Break Down And Need Repairs

Before buying a second-hand or brand new car, it is important to research how expensive parts and maintenance will cost and how much the average breakdown will potentially cost the motorist. This article will examine the ten cars for that are most likely to break-down and need maintenance and repairs. Parts for many of these vehicles will become more expensive in future due to the fact that inbuilt smart-technology and complex mechanical parts are standard for most new release vehicles. While reading, keep in mind that owners of Honda, Subaru, and Toyota only needed repairs on three to six percent of their vehicles.

Alfa Romeo

Top Gear

According to the data, 40% of insured or under-warranty Alfa Romeo vehicles needed repairs. This large number is only from one year, and if the data continues this way, all Alfa Romeo owners included in this research will need to have their vehicles repaired within 2 and a half years. Alfa Romeo represents the most unreliable vehicle manufacturer in this article, however, the repair costs are actually the cheapest on average at $467 USD. Acclaimed motorist television show Top Gear is well known for driving Alfa Romeo vehicles until they break, which is usually within a short period of time. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta represents one of the latest unreliable vehicles from the manufacturer and one that any buyer should steer away from.