25 Weirdest Traffic Laws In America

Most people with good common sense would never try to transport a gorilla, drive through a playground, or jump from a car at high speeds, yet these weird twenty-five traffic laws in America exist for a reason. Know the law the next time a road trip through America is in the works; otherwise, drivers run the risk of being ticketed for illegally parking their elephant or driving with a camel on the road. Read on for more ridiculous rules that are almost too embarrassing to be laws.

Screeching Tires

The good citizens of Kansas prefer not to hear screeching tires on their roads. This is one law most people would probably be in favor of. No one wants to hear constant tire screeching. It serves no real purpose other than to look cool, and it creates ugly marks all over the road. Those who disagree are probably the ones guilty of this harmless yet annoying crime. To avoid a ticket in Kansas, accelerate slowly and proceed with caution.