Avoid Road Rage By Following These 10 Golden Rules

Whether you are on a summer road trip or hit the road for the daily commute, there are safety considerations every driver should be aware of. A study by Liberty Mutual Insurance reported fifty per cent of Americans have vehicles that are are poorly equipped in the event of an emergency. The roads will be even more congested once the back-to-school rush hits soon, so next time you jump in the driver’s seat, keep these ten tips in mind.

10. Leave Early

Give yourself time. How often do you hit the road only to held up in traffic or behind halted traffic due to an accident. There are things you cannot control but one thing is your own schedule. By leaving a little earlier, you can reduce stress by not worrying about arriving at your destination late. You will reduce your risk of causing an accident or receiving a speeding ticket. If your morning is typically rushed, set your alarm half an hour earlier.

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