10 Great Used Sports Cars for Less Than $10,000

It is the dream of many to drive down the road in a sleek, expensive sports car with the wind in their hair. But for most, it is only that: a dream. When your bank account does not allow it, there are plenty of alternative ways to make those car dreams come true, including venturing into the world of used vehicles. A pre-owned car can provide the same thrill of a new car, and if well-maintained, will be reliable for the remainder of its lifetime. All of that, plus it will not break the bank. Here are a few worth considering.

10. V8 F-Body Camaro

Although it dates back to the 1960s, one does not have to pay the same price for a vintage model when it comes to the Camaro. There are some affordable models from the early 1990s with either original parts or enhanced-performance upgrades. In 1992, a twenty-fifth-anniversary model was released, along with a Heritage Package in bright red with black Heritage stripes, bucket seats, power lock doors and windows, power hatch release, and a 5.0-liter V8 engine.