10 Best Ways To Upgrade Your Car For Less Than $5,000

When the urge strikes to buy a new ride, but money is the biggest problem, invest in one of the below ways to upgrade old Betsy for less than five thousand dollars. Just a few small changes can significantly improve the look and feel of any vehicle, making it seem like a brand new ride. Working on an existing car is a great investment and can be fun to do as a home project. It also significantly increases the value if selling is ever an option.

Invest In Better Brakes

Most professional drivers can tell the difference between a good car and a great one by how well they brake. Braking might not seem like an important part of a race car, but it is needed for every turn or corner and for staying on the throttle before entry. Even if there is no intention to race a vehicle, investing in better brakes can make it feel like a brand new ride. Look into carbon ceramic brake pads if keeping the wheels free of gray brake dust is a priority.