10 Accessories That Make Your Car Look Stupid

Sometimes it is just not possible to purchase an expensive sports car or muscle truck, but adding on accessories in a sad attempt to achieve the desired look is about as stupid as it comes. Even older or nerdy vehicles look better when the owner has not drawn further attention to it. Skip the cheesy revolver stick shifter and anything that adheres to the interior. Instead, save up for a better vehicle the next time around to reduce the risk of mastering the “trying too hard” look.

Sticky Carbon Fiber

Nothing good has ever come out of applying a decorative sticker to the interior of any vehicle. They rarely go on smoothly or blend in with the rest of the car. When the owner finally realizes their level of stupidity, they are never able to completely remove the adhesive, which leaves a sticky reminder of the fact that a Caviler will never be as cool as a Corvette. If it was not part of the car’s original design, do not add it.