2017 Chevrolet Volt

Car gurus

Energy-efficient vehicles are the way of the future and the 2017 Chevrolet Volt offers that and more. The 2017 Volt, available in the base LT model and a Premier model, starts at $34,095 and $38,445 respectively. It has environmentally-conscious drivers seeing green with an electric and gas hybrid vehicle that will not only save them money, but emit fewer emissions than its all-fuel counterparts. It’s sleek design runs smooths and quietly, making it an ideal vehicle for the daily grind.

What’s New?
Additional new features for just a minimal increase over last year’s price is how Chevrolet is rolling out the 2017 Volt’s marketing campaign. More safety features increase the vehicle’s value and appeal and an additional exterior color option will be available. Chevrolet brings back a more contemporary design and feel, giving this hatchback the appearance of a sedan. It has more room for passengers, but lacks additional cargo space. Stricter regulations have this hybrid adhering to the Federal Tier 3 emissions rules.

Exterior Features
This four-door hatchback is lower than the 2016 model and has a sculpted appearance like a sedan. It has a fluid look with the front end smoothly coming around to meet the sides and window lines. Both models, the base LT and Premier, are equipped with seventeen-inch alloy wheels. The LT has remote keyless entry and ignition and headlights and taillights with energy-efficient LEDs. It rolls out with a new green exterior paint option.

Interior Features
The base model, the LT, can be purchased off the lot with automatic climate control, Chevrolet’s own MyLink infotainment unit and a satellite radio with a six-speaker sound system. Heated front seats, mirrors and steering wheel add to the comforts of cold weather driving. Upgrade to the Premier and enjoy heated rear seats, leather upholstery, a wireless smartphone charge dock and an automated dimming rearview mirror. A small fifth rear seat is tucked in the middle of the two regular side passenger seats.

Auto Revolution

The most notable technological advance is the vehicle’s electric driving capabilities. Driving is available in four modes at the push of a button: Normal, Sport, Mountain and Hold. Normal and Sport are similar, with Sport only providing greater throttle performance. Mountain mode is used for hills when the battery charge will be reserved and Hold conserves battery power for future use in areas when all-electric mode will take place. The cost of the technology is returned to the purchaser in the form of tax rebates by the US government.

Engine/Fuel Efficiency
A 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with two electric motors has several benefits. It runs quieter, emits less emissions and saves money at the pump. It has ample kick for the daily driver, producing 149 horsepower. According to the EPA, the 2017 Volt will run fifty-three miles on electric power and get forty-two mpg in hybrid mode once the 18.4-kWh battery pack runs dry, an increase of five mpg. Even upon acceleration, the Volt runs with virtually no noise pollution, and on the rare occasion it is needed, the generator will kick in for propulsion.

Adaptive cruise control is the 2017 Volt’s most significant safety feature addition. Only available as an option on the Premier model, it comes in at a cost of between $1,195 to $2,185, based on the package; Driver Confidence or Driver Confidence 2. The full bundle includes blind spot and lane assist warnings, rear cross-traffic alert, front collision warning, lane-keeping, low-speed automatic breaking and smart high beams. The Premier also offers an add-in of a high-tech navigation system.