9 Amazing Features Of The 2017 Ford Fusion

The 2017 Ford Fusion continues the Ford trend of offering energy efficient, comfortable, and safe vehicles at affordable prices. With engine and hybrid configurations offering up to 42 mpg combined, the Ford Fusion keeps a driver’s money where it should be: in their wallet. The Fusion also gives drivers an impressive array of features and technology to make driving fun and interesting. These nine features are our favorite highlight on the newly re-designed Fusion.

9. Newly Designed Exterior

This year’s Ford Fusion has a fresh exterior designed with both style and performance in mind. The front grille has been redesigned for an exciting new look, and available LED headlights mean better visibility on the road. A variety of wheel designs let drivers make their Fusion reflect their individual style, and three new colors make it easier to make Fusion stand out from the crowd. The Sport package has its own unique grille and a quad tip exhaust system.