15 Cars Your Family Will Want To Avoid Buying At All Costs

Ask anyone in the automotive industry, cars today are not what they used to be. No, we aren’t just becoming old and crotchety and putting down recent technological breakthroughs because of personal taste. Indeed, it has become a reality that there is an abundance of truly wretched cars on the market today, just waiting to be ridiculed.

15. BMW 7 Series

BMW’s flagship sedan appears to have lost its edge in recent years. It’s lackadaisical styling just doesn’t feel as sporty as it did in earlier years. With an odd product lineup that includes expensive yet not particularly efficient gas-electric hybrid model, Consumer Reports takes this 7 Series to task for being “a ponderous, technology-laden vehicle with ungainly handling,” and finds itself included in the publication’s lists of lowest-scoring cars, worst overall values and most expensive operating costs in its class. To add to the list of offenses, it also gets a rock-bottom resale value rating from ALG, as well as a below average performance score from J.D Power.