7 Cars Even The Richest Celebrities Can’t Afford

When most people talk about expensive, high-end luxury cars, the same famous makes tend to get thrown around: Bentley, Mercedes, Porsche – the usual suspects. However, there are far more expensive and extravagantly unique cars on the market, cars that most members of the general public never even dream of. To find out what cars are really the best in the world, check out our list of seven cars even the richest celebrities can’t afford.

7. Pagani Huayra BC

The Pagani Huayra BC is named after the Incan god of winds, and this god has apparently blessed the $2.6 million Huayra with the gift of speed. The lightweight Huayra’s V12 engine can produce close to 800 horsepower and is capable of propelling the carbon fiber-based car a quarter mile in just ten seconds. Only one hundred Pagani Huayras were made, making the speed machine as rare as it is expensive.


6. Ferrari F60 America

Only ten specimens of this sleek $2.5 million Italian beauty were built, making it not only expensive but also quite rare. The Ferrari F60 America was designed to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of Ferrari’s availability in America, which explains its patriotically-American red, white, and blue color scheme. The convertible’s design harkens back to the earliest days of American Ferraris and is based on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. A 6.2-liter V12 engine creates a spine-tingling 750 horsepower, making this car not only beautiful, but incredibly powerful.


5. Bugatti Chiron

With a base price of around $2.5 million, the Bugatti Chiron is instantly out of reach for most people. For those that can afford it, the Chiron offers a dazzling mix of speed and style that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. The Chiron’s quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine (essentially twin V8s) can produce a mind-boggling 1,500 horsepower and 1,180 lb-ft. of torque, giving it one of the fastest zero-to-sixty times on the market.


4. W Motors Lykan Hypersport

Fans of the turbocharged Furious movie franchise will surely recognize this car from its lead role in Furious 7. Celebrity status aside, the W Motors Lykan Hypersport looks like something Batman would drive. The head-turning $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport features jewel-encrusted headlights and scissor doors, giving it a futuristic styling straight out of a science fiction movie. Beneath the stylized body lies a 3.7-liter twin-turbo six cylinder engine that produces nearly 800 horsepower and can reach up to 250 mph.

W Motors Lykan 4K UHD Wallpaper

3. Bugatti Veyron LE by Mansory Vivere

This limited edition Bugatti is a definite head-turner. While most Bugattis tend to attract attention on the road, the incredibly stylized limited edition Veyron looks like it would be equally comfortable on a fashion runway as it would the Autobahn. The Bugatti Veyron is essentially a modified version of the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse Roadster, but has been given a completely new body, lights, and cabin. Unfortunately for most of us, this limited edition custom creation will cost you around $3.4 million.


2. Lamborghini Veneno

The $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno was built to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary Italian car company, and the special treatment the car was given shows how important birthdays are to Lamborghini. The sleek design of the car’s body makes it look like a fighter jet in flight, and the 6.5-liter V12 engine can produce over 700 horsepower. That deadly amount of power suits the Veneno’s name, which is Italian for “poison.”


1. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

This sleek sports car comes in at a cool $4.8 million, owing to its diamond finish. The CCXR Trevita sports a stunning silver finish created by a special high-tech process that binds diamond resin to carbon fiber weave. Aside from the flashy diamond exterior, the CCXR Trevita boasts a 4.8-liter supercharged V8 engine that cranks out over 1000 horsepower. Due to the hefty price tag and extremely difficult manufacturing process, only three of these cars were ever made.