25 Hip-Hop Stars You Didn’t Know Were Big Car Collectors

Cars and hip-hop culture have been linked since 1979 when the Sugarhill Gang released their single Rapper’s Delight. Vehicles have been featured prominently in hip-hop songs, music videos, and album covers. Modern hip-hop artists are often attracted to cars that symbolize their wealth, and some now own a large collection of impressive vehicles. Here are 25 hip-hop stars who are also big car collectors.


Curren$y may not be the most prolific hip-hop artist, but his car collection more than earns him a spot on this list. He is obsessed with mid-1980s Chevrolet vehicles, owning the Corvette, Impala SS, Monte Carlo SS, and El Camino SS. He takes his love for vehicles to the next level, naming entire projects and songs after cars and featuring them heavily in music videos.