10 Facts About Tesla That Will Shock You

Tesla Motors, named after famed turn-of-the-20th-century inventor and electricity dabbler Nikolai Tesla, might be the most visionary automotive manufacturing company currently making cars. Their all-electric, sustainable-energy encouraging designs are not only earth conscious but luxuriously outfitted. The more the public learns about Tesla, the clearer it becomes that theirs is the future of the auto industry. Read on to find out ten surprising facts about the quickly-growing car company.

10. Tesla Wants To Do Away With Side Mirrors

The super-futuristic Tesla Motors is constantly questioning what has come to be accepted as standard in the vehicle industry, and that goes for the age-old safety measure, the side mirror. Try to picture a car without them, and likely something like Tron will come to mind. What Tesla has in mind instead of mirrors that stick out, can be broken off, and need to be pulled in when parking on the street is a set of cameras that will do the same work while taking up much less space. Notably, the lack of side mirrors would have the bonus effect of reducing the drag coefficient and increasing top speed.